Success Stories


img_4791.jpgOsman Diaz

I came to TNT in 2015 at the age of 16 as a Honduras refugee, without a word of english. Today I am a high school graduate and I work as a painter. Additionally, I am going college and I was blessed with a baby daughter.

Thank you TNT !

Michael Garcia 

I came to TNT in 2014 at the age of 17 from Sacramento. I think about the times I had at TNT house of champions  and Idk why  I just felt like that was a real home for me they put the home in (group-home) literally. They actually felt like a family even though I had my ups and downs there in the group home but I’ll tell u what never gave up on me ! even though I got in trouble and they gave me consequences the consequences helped me learn from right and wrong even though i was ambitious they still worked with me and i love them all for that even when they got on me I knew they just wanted the best for me I miss those days from the group home at TNT  I wish i could go back those where sum of the best days of my life and it was a good experience  I wish i didn’t run I regret that day even till today because I would have been better of but I’m still doing good thanks to the support and words and love TNT house of champions gave me I’ll always be a champion no matter what!

Thank you TNT !!



Marco Parker

I came to TNT in 2012 with bad grades and not much hope. At TNT I was able to turn my life around, bring up my grades and graduate from high school. Today I am a business major at Laney College.

Thank you so much TNT!