Our Mission

Our Mission Statement

Our Mission is to provide a residential program for boy’s ages 12 to 17 by identifying and helping to change factors in the boys’ lifestyles and family environment, education, and family planning. Our goal is to provide intensive skill building in the areas of self-esteem, assertiveness, and making positive choices.

We provide quality and supportive residential living arrangements for male youth, our clients have complex life issues related to mental health illnesses, physical disabilities, individual re-entering society from the Justice systems, individuals recovering from substance abuse.

We strive to identify residents who have done well in the program and guide them as they become peer counselors and role models. We have found this to be a highly effective method of building trust and friendship between clients in the program.

Parents, guardians and advocates are welcome to visit our facility, Family visits are strongly encouraged.

We believe that teaching constructive leisure time activities and how to represent one’s self in public are very important to the physical and emotional growth of the children in our program.