About Us

Our Program Offers

  • A therapeutic Community for (Growth & Development through Treatment)
  • A structured program designed for rehabilitation
  • Peer Counseling & Role Modeling
  • Individual & Group Counseling for:

1) Substance Abuse
2) Trauma
3) Growth & Recovery
4) Anger Management

  • Assessments for psychiatric evaluations
  • Ongoing collaborations & consultations w/ client’s advocates
  • Weekly Community Support Services through the:

1) Mental Health Services
2) Drug and Alcohol Programs
3) ILSP Classes
4) Employment Opportunities
5)Cogitative Behavior Therapy

  • One on one client supports for at risk behaviors, (self-harm/injury)
  • Encourage healthy coping skills
  • Level systems for earning privileges & measuring progress.
  • Weekly Allowance
  • Employment
  • Individual & group outings
  • Mentors
  • Home passes
  • Parent & Family Visitation
  • Family Therapy
  • Emancipation Program
  • Nutrition & healthy eating programs
  • Seeking Safety Trainings
  • Consideration for demographic variables i.e. (cultural, socio-economic, gender, environments)
  • All assignments designed for thoughtful self-discovery
  • Gang Prevention Programs

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